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Anatomy of a Killer Business Voicemail Greeting

Want to create a killer business voicemail greeting that really wows anyone who calls your business phone number?

Guess what? YOU CAN. And it’s actually easier than you might think.

We’re going to walk you through some simple steps that will help you really nail this one. You can do it. Let’s get started.

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How to Win More Freelance Business

When it comes to winning more freelance business, everyone wants to know the answer to getting more — quickly, and all the time.

The problem with this: It’s not easy to do. It requires some hard work, social proof, and solid deliverables that prove you’re worth hiring — and for high rates that keep you from working like a hamster on a wheel.

Ready to learn how to win more high quality freelance business?

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What's the Best Accounting Tool for Freelancers?

Accounting. I don’t like it, you don’t like it, no one likes it. Except maybe accountants, and they get paid to like it.

Yet there are few things more important in a freelancer’s life than measuring and managing their own finances. If you have to do it, you might as well do it as well as you can—and as painlessly.

Fortunately, there are a number of options out there for freelancers, none of which make the act of accounting more difficult than it has to be. As a freelancer, you’re used to doing things on your own, and counting up your receipts at the end of the day is no different.

There are a lot of different options out there—so many that it can be difficult to separate one from the other. So let’s zoom in on a few of our favorites and find out what really makes them distinctive as well as well-suited for freelancing entrepreneurs like yourself:

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The Top Ways to Leverage Unlimited MMS Messages in Convoi

When you sign up for Convoi’s $9.99/month unlimited plan, you’re getting access to unlimited phone calls and texts – but that’s not all. Convoi also offers unlimited MMS, or picture, messaging.

Depending on your profession, there are several ways you can make the most of your unlimited picture messages. Here are a few key ones.

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Tricks to Save Your Smartphone Battery – Android

No matter what kind of phone you use, there’s a universal smartphone experience that links us all: worrying about our battery. And ironically, it’s the users who love their smartphones the most—and use it often—that have to worry about battery drainage.

For Android users, there are plenty of options for reducing battery drainage and ensuring a long life with every charge:

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How Convoi Can Help You Score Your First Customer

If you’re just getting started with your new business, you’re probably looking for a few ways to land your first customer and get the income cycle flowing.

And guess what? For Convoi users, scoring new business is simple.

In this post, we’ll look at a few ways you can use Convoi to get your first customer and to start growing your business.

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Tricks to Save Your Smartphone Battery – iPhone

Admit it: when it comes to your mobile devices, there’s only one thing more precious to you than your smartphone. Your battery level. Not only is “low battery anxiety” an actual issue, but reportedly some 90% of us walk around wondering where our next charge is going to come from.

When you have to stay tethered to your iPhone, it’s best to avoid low battery anxiety entirely by nipping it in the bud. Here are some tricks to retain as much of your charge—and your sanity—as possible:

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What's the Deal With the Free Trial?

We’re confident that the simplicity and utility of our app can speak for itself, so when Convoi transitioned to a paid service, we decided to offer a free trial to all new customers. The trial lasts for 7 days, after which users can convert to a paid subscription with no interruption in service.

Since ‘free’ is sometimes a loaded word, I’m here to explain exactly what the deal is with our free trial. So here’s the skinny:

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The Skinny on Free Wi-Fi at Big Hotel Chains

When you use an app like Convoi on the road, you need assurance of just one thing: quality Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi doesn’t only make mobile work possible—for frequent travelers and Convoi users, it’s absolutely essential.

If you thought it was safe to assume that any big hotel chain would offer the same basic Wi-Fi service you could expect to get work done on the road, we have some news: no two hotel chains are made alike. As it turns out, when it comes to using Wi-Fi, some chains are more Convoi-friendly than others.

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Getting Started with Convoi

If you’ve just downloaded Convoi, rest assured that getting started only takes a minute or two. Here are the basics to getting your account and number set up and ready to use. After that, it’s as easy as handing out your new business number!

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How to Craft an A+ Business Portfolio

Your business portfolio allows you to share and showcase your talent—and it’s an asset that can help you land new jobs, too.

But when poorly crafted, it can actually hurt your chances for new opportunities. And that’s why you need to craft a portfolio that’s professional, curated, and truly stellar.

The question is: How do you craft an A+ business portfolio?

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How Convoi Keeps User Experience a Priority

There are companies that talk about user experience—and then there are companies that live it every day.

Convoi belongs to the latter group.

In addition to thinking about the user from the very outset of new designs and developments, Convoi stresses ongoing feedback from users as a way of doing business.

But while it’s easy to make grand claims about caring about the user experience, demonstrating it is a different thing entirely. Here are the ways in which Convoi has consistently reached out to its users:

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Entrepreneurs Weigh In: Is Texting for Business Professional?

There’s quite a bit of debate around the topic of texting for business—some say it’s totally unprofessional, while others say it’s essential to their operation.

But we wanted to hear from real entrepreneurs and see what they think about texting for business. They shared their insights and spotlighted some important considerations you need to factor in when asking yourself, “Text, call, or email?”

Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

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Feature Spotlight: Internet Calling

A second business line right on your smartphone means you’re totally free to roam wherever the wind blows you ─ and stay in touch with work once you get there.

But what happens if there doesn’t have great cell reception… or any at all? We feel your pain ─ the building our team works in is terrible for cell service. We had to go outside just to test our product while we were developing Convoi! That’s why we built in the option to use Internet Calling.

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4+ Public Beaches Where You Can Get Free Wi-Fi

“If everybody had an ocean across the U.S.A., then everybody’d be surfin’ like California.”

-The Beach Boys

There’s no possible way the Beach Boys could have known what “surfin’” might mean to beachgoers in 2016. And while the sport of surfing is alive and well at famous beaches across America, even more people are concerned with whether or not our public beaches offer the kind of surfing supported by free Wi-Fi.

Yes, beaches are all about R&R. But fortunately for us, the proprietors of the following public beaches realize that relaxation isn’t only about a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Staying tethered to the Internet is important for beachgoers—especially if they don’t want to force their friends or family to walk with them as they try to find a beachfront café offering free Wi-Fi.

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Feature Spotlight: Different Ringtone and Call Announce

Having your business and personal phone lines on the same phone has huge convenience benefits — you can stay connected no matter where you are and never have to miss a call. But if there’s one downside, it can make it easier for the line between your work and personal lives to become blurred.

If your phone rings at 10pm, do you answer? How can you know if it’s a colleague calling or your aunt’s second cousin? That’s why we built a few options to combat this into the Convoi app — Different Ringtone and Call Announce.

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9 Resources for Freelance Inspiration

Sometimes, we can see inspiration all around us — there are a million ideas floating around your head and they spring into fruition, into paintings, graphic designs, written pieces. Other times... not so much.

For those times when a new idea is hard to grasp, here are 9 great resources to help you through it.

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Feature Spotlight: Do Not Disturb

One of the main draws of Convoi is that our app lets you keep in touch with what’s going on at work when you’re... not at work. But carrying your work phone all the time can have its drawbacks, too, making it hard to really unplug from the office.

That’s why we included Do Not Disturb in the Convoi app.

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Email Etiquette for Pitching New Clients

When you’re pitching new clients over email, there’s a wrong and a right way to go about it. Commit some of the more common faux pas, and your email will be headed straight to the trash. But follow the proper email etiquette, and your likelihood for success increases exponentially.

Curious about the dos and don’ts? We’ve gathered some of the best email etiquette tips for pitching new clients (so you never have to wonder if you’re doing it wrong.)

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How Convoi Works for Me

We talk a lot about how to use Convoi as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and freelancer — because our app is designed with the unique challenges of these roles in mind. Many of our features are really well-suited to streamline communication for innovators.

But Convoi can make life easier for more than just the movers and the shakers. That’s why I wanted to use today’s post to talk about how Convoi works for me — as someone who uses the app for non-business purposes.

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Convoi’s Featured Entrepreneur of the Month

Being an entrepreneur is hard. For starters, launching a new business often means a coin toss in your odds for future success. But even when you do succeed, entrepreneurship often means long hours, short weekends, and enough stress to keep spas in business until the new millennium.

That’s why we like to take some time every so often to celebrate an entrepreneur here at Convoi — and today, we have an exceptional individual: Dipan Patel of

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How to Use Convoi to Stay Productive When the Kids Are Out of School

In the immortal words of Alice Cooper, school’s out for summer. For the kids, that’s great news. They get to enjoy three worry-free months of leisure, sports, sun, and a complete lack of homework.

For the adults... well, that’s a different story. Especially if you work from home.

What has been your distraction-free sanctuary for nine months is suddenly a distraction-rich environment. Even if you have an office, the question of how to take care of your kids can eat into your free time — and, if you’re not careful, your work time.

You’ll have to nip this problem in the bud — and we think Convoi is the best tool for the job. Here’s how you can use it to maintain your productivity (and your sanity) for the next three months:

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Productivity Tips for Summer Travel

Summer months typically entail some travel time for most entrepreneurs. You can’t blame them — you’ve got to take advantage of the warm weather while you can, and the summer season can be slow for some industries.

But staying productive is still important — even during summer travel. Fall behind, and you could spend months catching up to your usual pace. Even if you’re on the go this summer, keep these productivity tips in mind (so you’re not dreading your return to the office.)

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5 Breathtaking Vacation Spots Where You Can Use Convoi

If you represent a big company with an unlimited budget, you probably don’t need to read this. You can simply Google “project management tools,” pick out a free trial you like, and call it a day.

If you’re an intrapreneur, however, you’ve got entirely different project management needs.

This takes us into the realm of what most on the Internet dub “personal project management” tools. There are plenty of project management tools out there, of course, but most of them are designed for large teams, big projects, and big companies — and they charge accordingly. Personal project management, on the other hand, tends to be a little lighter on the wallet.

The problem? Figuring out which one is the best. To do that, we’ll look at some of our favorites:

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What’s the Best Project Management Tool for Intrapreneurs?

If you represent a big company with an unlimited budget, you probably don’t need to read this. You can simply Google “project management tools,” pick out a free trial you like, and call it a day.

If you’re an intrapreneur, however, you’ve got entirely different project management needs.

This takes us into the realm of what most on the Internet dub “personal project management” tools. There are plenty of project management tools out there, of course, but most of them are designed for large teams, big projects, and big companies — and they charge accordingly. Personal project management, on the other hand, tends to be a little lighter on the wallet.

The problem? Figuring out which one is the best. To do that, we’ll look at some of our favorites:

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Enjoy Your Summer by Using Convoi to Stay Connected

Ahhh, summer. That wonderful time of year when the sun’s out — and the last thing you want is to be tethered indoors, fielding business calls.

We get it: This summer, you’d like the freedom to roam — the freedom to work from whenever, wherever. The good news: Convoi lets you call or text from your business number right from your personal smartphone. No more sitting inside by a landline.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can use Convoi to get and stay connected (without chaining yourself to your desk).

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4 Blogs for People Who Want to Start Their Own Business

You finally did it. After months and maybe years of thinking about it, flirting with the idea, and daydreaming at your office cubicle, you’ve finally made the decision: you’re going to start your own business.

Well, don’t just sit there. You look like you’re waiting for me to say “congratulations.”

I’m not going to.

Yes, starting a business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make — right up there with choosing career paths and life mates. But in the world of business, it’s not the decision to start that matters. What really matters is what you do next. And in order to formulate a clear blueprint of the next steps, you need to learn from people who have been there before.

Fortunately, you don’t have to Google around — we’ve compiled a list of the best blogs for you to start reading today:

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The Convoi Story: How to Make a New Idea Happen at a Big Company

If you didn’t know already, Convoi is part of Citrix. We’re a small team that got started with an app and molded it into the Convoi you know today, all from within a much bigger company. Our app is a great example of what can happen when big companies encourage and support intrapreneurship.

I chatted with Carey, our product manager, about the journey from idea to money-making product. Whether you’re working inside a business of a hundred or ten thousand, here are her tips for making a new idea happen at a big company.

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The Best Places Online to Find New Clients for Your Freelance Business

Want to know a secret that successful freelancers all seem to know?

Success in freelancing is usually due to your work ethic and the quality of your service, but the ability to win new business is more about being in the right place at the right time.

The problem for most aspiring freelancers is that they don’t know where the right place is — and without that knowledge, “the right time” might as well be Greek to them. The key, then, is to find the websites and platforms that will connect your freelance service with the customers you most need to find. Here are a few of the best places to start:

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A Guide to Using Convoi

Convoi is really simple with 30-second setup and straightforward features. By following the guide below, you can get started and get the most out of your new Convoi business line by leveraging our most useful features. Here’s how:

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How to Set Up Your Convoi Number

Getting set up with Convoi is super quick and easy — it takes only 30 seconds to get your Convoi number up and running. In as few as 5 simple steps, your second business line will be ready to help you look ultra professional and stay connected.

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How to Know If It's Time to Ditch the 9-5

If you're someone who's considering leaving your full-time job to pursue an entrepreneurial or freelance career, there are a few things you need to know before calling your reliable gig quits.

Why? Because the last thing you want to do is to leave a good job that pays your bills if you're not quite sure you can make things work. Let's look at a few questions you need to be able to answer before ditching the 9-5.

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Who to Give Your Convoi Number To vs. Your Mobile Number

Picture this: it’s Friday night. After a long week of work, you’re finally ready to sit on the couch, turn on a movie, and forget all of the stress of the past five days. Then, the minute you finally sink your head into the cushions and think you’re safe...

Beep beep beep.

It’s your mobile phone. You know, the same one that you keep on all of the time for texts with family and friends. Only this isn’t a family or friend calling. It’s a client. They have some comments for you, and are you available for a chat? Just a few minutes.

Two hours later, when you finally hang up, you decide that you need to change your phone policy.

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How to Get Buy-In for Intrapreneurial Projects

If you’re an intrapreneur at your company, you have good ideas that can help the organization grow and improve. But without buy-in from leadership, those ideas can wither away until the competition steps in and moves ahead.

You need to take a strategic approach to both presenting and following-through on your ideas—and in this post, we’ll recommend a few ways to do just that.

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How Citrix Keeps Innovation Rolling With Hack Week

Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur whose team is starting to to grow or you work for a large organization, innovation can be tough at scale. It’s not uncommon for revolutionary thinking to dwindle as companies expand. Even worse, once a business is larger, innovative ideas can even be squelched because they’re too risky or there’s too much to lose.

We’ve wrestled with this ourselves at Citrix... and then Hack Week emerged. For the past 6 years, we’ve held our annual Hack Week each Spring, which encourages employees to get their hands dirty and come up with awesome new ideas to present to the rest of the company.

Hack Week is an event that fosters hands-on grassroots innovation and is open to everyone. It’s an exciting opportunity to unleash your inner innovator and show everyone what you can do.

This may seem like a small thing, but when you have thousands of people looking for new and better ways of doing things, some pretty amazing ideas emerge. What are some of the benefits?

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What Goes Into Building a Successful Freelance Business?

Building a successful freelance business takes work—it’s no small feat. Just like any business, it requires extensive planning before launching, even if it begins as a side gig.

In this post, we’ll look at a few of the key elements that go into building a successful freelance business so you can make sure you have all of your bases covered.

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Why Do I Need a 2nd Business Line Anyway?

Minimalism is in vogue right now. Paring away at the unessential isn’t only important — in many cases, it’s vital to an entrepreneur’s sanity.

But before you go cancelling every app and account you’ve ever signed up for in the name of “hacking away” at the unessential, maybe it’s important to ask yourself if there might be one or two small expenses that more than carry their weight in your business’s structure.

After all, minimalism isn’t about owning and doing as little as possible. When it comes to issues like a 2nd business line, it’s about leveraging what you do have to its fullest. Don’t believe us? Check out some valuable reasons you might want to use a 2nd business line:

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Comparison: Convoi vs. the Competition

At Convoi, we know our app isn’t your only option when it comes to communication tools for your business. We also know that Convoi is the best option for a lot of professionals. To help you decide if we’re right for you, we’ve pulled together the biggest differences between Convoi and some of our competitors.

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What It Was Like Doing Our Own Support for One Year

Want the most thankless job imaginable? Work in customer support.

Want the most rewarding possible experience for your startup? Think about doing your own customer support.

That’s what we found out when we decided to ditch external support options and offer support directly to our free customers. And though it meant long nights and text-filled weekends, it also turned out to be a revelation into the importance of direct customer engagement.

After one year, we learned a few important lessons that still stick with us:

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Benefits of a 2nd Business Line

Our customers can tell you, they’re totally sold on having a 2nd business line. Just look at what they have to say:

“Convoi allows for me to travel around the world… and easily stay in communication with North America.”

“I love being able to keep my business and personal life separate — but with everything accessible from my iPhone.”

“Having a Convoi numbers allows me to have my ‘after hours number’ with me everywhere.”

If you’re still mulling it over, here are just a few of the many benefits to having a 2nd business line like Convoi.

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Leverage an Awesome LinkedIn Profile to Score More Business

When peers, clients, and potential partners want to check out who you are, it’s likely that one of the first places they visit is your LinkedIn profile. That means your profile there needs to be optimized to its best possible state.

But what does that look like? In this post, we’ll explore the anatomy of an awesome LinkedIn profile that wows anyone who encounters it — and helps you score more business.

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Convoi Takes on "Science Night" at Adams Elementary School

Did you know computer science is one of the highest paying careers in the United States? According to Business Insider, “computer and information systems managers” are among the top 30 most highly paid professionals, pulling in a mean pay of $136,280 annually. And the computer science field is projected to grow by more than 15% in the coming years.

So... why don’t our kids study subjects like programming in school? Mark Zuckerberg has been quoted as saying, “In fifteen years we’ll be teaching programming just like reading and writing… and wondering why we didn’t do it sooner.”

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How to Stay Productive on the Road

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”

-Anonymous, as quoted in “Getting Things Done” by David Allen

How often do your vacations turn into business trips? And how often do your business trips turn into vacations?

For most frequent fliers, the answer to both questions is, well, more than you’d like to admit. Travel has a way of trampling on our best-laid plans. You might intend to do a solid block of work in an airport lounge, but when you get there, it’s not quite the cozy pseudo-office you expected. And you might intend to turn the cell phone off for a full day, but then you forget you have to check your March Madness bracket.

The next thing you know, you’re replying to work emails.

Productivity shouldn’t end when you hit the road. If anything, the road should be an opportunity to take charge of your to-do list, dominate your calendar, and accomplish exactly what you set out to. Here are a few tips and tools for making that happen:

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A Guide to Using Convoi As an Intrapreneur

Since Convoi is so easy to set-up and affordable, you can use our app even if your company uses a different phone system. That means it’s easy to take calls with you when you’re not in the office. Here are some of the features that make Convoi perfect for intrapreneurs in any industry.

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Anatomy of an Intrapreneur

What’s an intrapreneur, you may be wondering? Intrapreneurs are the entrepreneurs within an organization—team members who apply the theories of entrepreneurship to the company they work for. They think like Founders and Owners, but aren’t working independently.

Intrapreneurs are great team members to have, as their ideas and skill sets can be extremely valuable to an organization. The trick, then, is to understand those skills and put them to work for your business.

In this post, we’ll break down the anatomy of an intrapreneur so you can better understand their strengths and how you can harness those for your small business.

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The Necessities of a Phone System for Your Business

As a business owner, you have a zillion things complicating your day. An inbox. Text messages. Voicemails. Taxes to pay. Expenses. Online task managers. Offline task managers. Meetings. Phone conferences. Although you’re committed to a simpler lifestyle, it seems like the day-to-day work of running a business “creeps” toward the complex.

The worst offender for many businesses: phone systems. If you’re a freelancer who’s been using your personal line to contact clients, then you know it’s impossible to separate your business and your private life. You’re appropriately wary of accidentally texting a flirty message to your biggest client — who probably doesn’t like you like that.

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The Freelance Revolution

Freelancing isn’t just a trend anymore. It’s a way of life for more than 53 million people in the United States alone (and that’s 34% of the national workforce).

So what do you need to know about the freelance revolution? Let’s look at the numbers and study the reality of how our traditional perception of work is evolving.

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A Guide to Using Convoi for Freelancing

So you’re a freelancer? That means a lot of back and forth communication about projects and deadlines. Being able to keep in touch with clients no matter where you’re working from is key to doing great work that clients love.

But you don’t have to sacrifice your personal cell phone number or your work-life separation to make it happen. Many of Convoi’s features are perfect for freelancing like a pro. Here are just some of the things you can do with Convoi to manage effortlessly great communication.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Business Voicemail

If you’re using your phone for business, voicemail is something you need to consider. Seriously. It’s a big deal.

Why? Because only about 5% of voicemail messages result in a callback. Whether it’s the message that greets a caller or the message you leave for someone else, there is proper etiquette you need to follow.

Today, make sure you know the do’s and don’ts of business voicemail.

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Convoi's Hidden Features

We like to keep Convoi really simple — just sign up for a number and start getting phone calls and texts to that number right on your smartphone. Setup takes 30 seconds and you’re off to the races.

But Convoi also has some really cool additional features that you might not know about. Taking a few extra seconds to really customize your Convoi can help you get the most out of the app.

Here are some hidden features to take advantage of:

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The Ultimate Guide to Taxes for Freelancers

Taxes can be intimidating, but with the right information, you can approach filing as a freelancer with confidence.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a brief guide that will help you navigate the tax basics. Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to have a certified accountant to call on if you have questions or need help — they’re the experts, and they’re there to help you.

Let’s dive right in.

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A Guide to Using Convoi for Real Estate

We think one of the best things about Convoi is the versatility. Our simple features can be used in so many different ways, and they make Convoi really well-suited for a variety of industries. One of those industries is real estate. We have a lot of customers who are real estate agents, so we’ve put together a guide to leveraging Convoi for real estate.

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The Best Phone Cases for the Constant Traveler

Have you ever made a ridiculous purchasing decision in the name of “travel” before?

Not the $7 croissant you had to buy because you were hungry at an airport, either. And not the last-minute upgrade to first class.

We’re talking about the “travel” gadgets you buy when you’re at home. The expandable luggage that turns into a portable coffee table that you never use. The multi-function ultra-bulk space pen that you only use to jot down notes.

And, yes, the terrible phone cases.

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Top Notch Professionals Who use Convoi

At Convoi, we have a lot of users who are at the forefront of their industries. We’re proud they’ve decided to use our app to help them get the job done. Here are a few examples of successful professionals who are using Convoi to stay connected.

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A Love Note to Your Small Business

Like any relationship, owning a small business can be hard work. It takes effort, dedication, and sometimes, a little bit of risk. But this Valentine’s Day, you should take a second to pause — and write a love note to your small business.

It’s a good way to remind yourself of all the reasons you love what you do. Here’s a sample letter that will help get your wheels spinning (and if nothing else, will hopefully remind you of the positives that come with owning a small business.)

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Three Ways to Conserve Data on Your Phone

We can’t see data. Data doesn’t weigh anything in particular. When we think of “data,” in fact, we’re just as likely to imagine the loveable android from Star Trek: The Next Generation as we are to think about how much money we’re spending this month.

But the digital age comes with consequences. Data may not weigh much, but it definitely costs money. And if you want to simplify your life and conserve your data, you’re going to have to do more than make a vague promise about your own data usage. You’re going to have to know the concrete steps to save data — and your sanity. Here are a few suggestions.

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A Guide to Using Convoi for Sales

At Convoi, we have a lot of different customers doing a lot of different jobs. Our features are great because they can be used in a variety of ways depending on your specific needs and requirements. One of the big customer segments using Convoi is salespeople. If you’re one of those customers already — or thinking about becoming one — we’ve put together a guide to help you get the most out of using Convoi for sales.

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Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

Lots of business owners hear the phrase ‘mobile app’ and think, "Oooh, buzzword. I’m hearing a lot about this. Maybe I need to get an app made for my own business."

But app development is not a quick or simple process. There’s quite a bit of initial research that needs to be conducted before moving forward, and the budget for app build-outs can be considerable.

Here’s a quick walk-through that will help you determine if your business really needs a mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Convoi

Our team at Convoi loves talking to our customers. People have lots of questions about Convoi from what it is and how to use the app to how we got our start. We hear a few questions all the time, so we thought we’d share the answers with everyone. Here are 4 common questions we get and their answers.

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3 Tips from Support Chat

Our goal is to make Convoi as simple and easy to use as possible. But if something’s tripping you up, our team is available for Support Chat every Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm PST. You can chat right from the Convoi app – just go to More -> Support Chat. Type in your question and we’ll write back as quickly as possible.

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Free Productivity Apps to Download

How many times have you said to yourself, "I wish I had more hours in the day!" and then nearly cried over your never-ending to-do list?

For busy freelancers, this is a regular, reoccurring experience. But that’s when you’ve got to start working smarter, not harder. Say hello to free productivity apps that save time and make your brain happy.

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Business Texting Etiquette

You’re a lightning fast texter who can fire off a message in a few quick taps. But when it comes to business texting etiquette, maybe you’re a little unsure of where to draw the lines for formality. Don’t worry — it seems like many other people are, too.

Sure, texting is fast, efficient, and very casual when used amongst friends and family — but in a work context, there are some steps you can take to come off a bit more professional and polished.

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Benefits of Phone vs Internet Calling

When it comes to finding a phone system for your business, traditional landline systems aren’t the only option anymore. VoIP and other internet calling systems have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason.

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Wi-Fi Spots for Your Travels

Traveling for work can be a blessing or a curse. When you can't find Wi-Fi, it's hard to get most of your work done, and your productivity can suffer. Running around looking for free internet isn't a great use of your time.

So how can you find free Wi-Fi spots anywhere in the world? There are plenty of businesses and other organizations that offer it at all of their locations. You can even use an app to find internet wherever you are. Here are the top ways to find free Wi-Fi spots while you're traveling.

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Using Convoi Over The Holidays

The holiday season is merry and bright and... a little intimidating. When your job leaves little time for buying gifts and baking cookies, it can be tough to juggle everything without wanting to tear your hair out. That’s why December is perfect time to start leaning on all the tools out there to make your life easier.

Convoi is a great example. We can help you get out of the office without sacrificing your accessibility. Here’s how to use your Convoi app to make the holiday season a little merrier and less stressful.

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When App Notifications Really Matter: Receiving a Call or Text in Convoi

Some people find app notifications annoying and are reluctant to allow them because they think the app will abuse the privilege by barraging them with useless messages. Unfortunately, people who don’t allow push notifications in Convoi during the sign up process run into trouble down the road. We receive a lot of support chats from people asking why they’re missing important calls and not noticing when new texts arrive. When we look into the issue, we find that its almost always because they have not enabled push notifications.

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Assign a Different Ringtone to your Convoi Business Number

We're constantly trying new things and adding features to the Convoi app to make it better than ever. We've received a number of requests from users asking for the ability to set a different ringtone for their Convoi number so they can immediately tell whether a call is business or personal as soon as the phone rings.

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